The 5th April 2024 is coming and represents most companies tax year end, find out how we could help you save tax…..

A van in the eyes of HMRC has the potential to qualify for a plant & machinery capital write down allowance, what this means in plain english, is 100% of most vans we supply can be written off against your profits, in simplistic terms this means if you have made £50,000 profit in 2023 /2024, you pay tax on the full £50,000. However, if we sell you a van, truck or Tipper before your tax year end for say £25,000, this £25,000 value paid for by either bank transfer or HP reduces your £50,000 profit, and you only pay tax on the remaining £25,000 balance. (Don’t just take our word for it, call your Accountant now, and ask about the benefits of Capital write down allowance).

We’re delighted to let you know following a severe shortage of stock over the last couple of years we are now actively buying available stock again wherever we can, but some of this stock is pipeline, hence our contact now to say. Get in touch and let’s work together to plan, save tax and beat the upcoming deadline.

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