Commission Disclosure

We typically receive a fixed commission per sale, however, this commission may vary in certain circumstances, for example, based upon the model of the vehicle and market influences, whilst maintaining the best rate for the customer. We may also receive marketing support. You can request for us to disclose the amount of any commission received.

Regulated customers have the legal right to ask how much commission Roy Wood Transits is earning from the finance portion of the transaction. As this is the customer’s legal right, we must comply in all cases with any such request. The procedure for doing so is as follows:-

Following a verbal request from a regulated customer we must ask the customer to make their request in writing. Upon receipt of the written request we will confirm that the information will be supplied, in writing, within 72 hours.

The written request should then be forwarded to the Managing Director or a member of the senior management team, who will ensure the correct amount is calculated and that the customer is informed in writing.

It is important that this procedure is strictly adhered to, to ensure that customers do not receive inaccurate or misleading information.