Complaints Procedure

Roy Wood Transits are committed to putting our customers first and we strive to deliver excellent customer service every time, which means we very rarely need to adopt a complaints procedure. However, we still think it is vital to have one in place for our customers complete peace of mind. Whilst the above is our mission, we appreciate that sometimes things can go wrong. Its always our intention to resolve any issues quickly and at the point of initial concern. We view complaints and feedback as an opportunity to learn and improve our services and products for the future, as well as a chance to put things right.

Eligible Complainants

Eligible Complainants are legally defined and have additional rights in law that we must acknowledge and adhere to. Eligible complainants are classified by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA Handbook DISP 2.7) as a person who is:

  • a consumer
  • a micro-enterprise

1. in relation to a complaint relating wholly or partly to payment services, either at the time of the conclusion of the payment service contract or at the time the complainant refers the complaint to the respondent or
2. otherwise, at the time the complainant refers the complaint to us as the respondent.

A micro-enterprise is determined as an enterprise that employs fewer than 10 people and has a turnover or annual balance that does not exceed 2 million euros, taking into accountthe enterprises ‘partner enterprises’ or ‘linked enterprises’.

  • a charity which has an annual income of less than £6.5 million at the time the complainant refers the complaint to the respondent
  • a trustee of a trust which has a net asset value of less than £5 million at the time the complainant refers the complaint to the respondent
  • a CBTL consumer – applicable to buy to let credit agreement.

We do not offer these types of agreements

  • a small business at the time the complainant refers the complaint to the respondent.

A small business is determined as an enterprise that is not a micro-enterprise and has an annual turnover of less than £6.5 million and employs fewer than 50 people or has a balance sheet total of less than £5 million

  • a guarantor if the complaint arises from matters relevant to the relationship with the respondent

An Eligible Complainant must also have a complaint that arises from one or more of the following relationships with us. A full list of these may be found in the FCA’s Handbook DISP 2.7.6, some of which are not relevant to our industry or to the services that we offer. We have therefore detailed below the relevant points.

  • A person who is a customer
  • A person who is a potential customer
  • A person who is a payer in a payment transaction with the firm. A payment transaction is where we accept a payment for example if you have a Direct Debit set up with us for payment of a maintenance contract or for a finance agreement directly with us
  • A person who has taken out or intended to take out a contract for an insurance product through us
  • A person who gave a guarantee to an actual or prospective regulated credit agreement or regulated consumer hire agreement or any linked transaction as defined by the Consumer Credit Act 1974
  • A person about whom specified information was provided to a person in relation to a finance application
  • A person from whom payment has been sought to be recovered under a credit agreement or a consumer hire agreement or in relation to whom the respondent has sought to perform duties or enforce rights for a creditor under a credit agreement or consumer hire agreement in carrying on debt administration
  • The complaint arises out of matters relevant to being or having been a customer or a guarantor
  • The complaint arises out of our actions or failure to act where the complainant is a potential customer of the firm


  • Involves an allegation that the complainant has suffered, or may suffer, financial loss, material distress or material inconvenience

NOTE: A complaint may be made on behalf of an eligible complainant by another party authorised by you or authorised by law.

Responding to complaints

Complaints Settled within 3 business days

Complaints that can be settled to your satisfaction within 3 business days can be/are recorded and communicated differently.

Where we consider a complaint to be resolved to your satisfaction under this section, we will promptly send you a ‘Summary Resolution Communication’, being a written communication from us in which :

Will refer to the fact that you have made a complaint and informs you that we now consider the complaint to have been resolved to your satisfaction

Closing a complaint

We will consider a complaint closed when we have made our final response to you. This does not prevent you from exercising any rights you may have to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

We aim to provide you with an acknowledgement from us within 3 days that your complaint has been received. In acknowledging receipt of your complaint, we will give an indication of how long it will take to reply.

We aim to resolve all complaints as quickly as possible, by identifying options that will satisfy our customer’s needs.

We will determine the most appropriate & fair option

With our customers agreement we will implement resolution and notify parties of action taken, plus we will identify steps to assure that conflict will not recur.

If it is not possible to reach a prompt conclusion, we would aim to provide a full reply within four weeks. However, this may not always be possible, especially if we need to obtain further information or independent specialist industry reports.

If it proves impossible to send a detailed answer to your complaint within the time originally indicated, we will contact you again explaining the reason why and to tell you when you will receive a full response.

If your concern remains unresolved please contact our General Manager using the contact details below, complaints can be made by telephone, email or in writing to:

Roy Wood Transits Ltd
429 Reading Road
RG41 5HU
Jason Stevens

Tel – 0118 9790060

Email –

Resolving complaints

We aim to resolve all our customer complaints internally. Alternatively, we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and have a duty to operate & provide services within the rules determined by them, If, however, you’re not satisfied with the final outcome of our
complaint’s procedure, you may be eligible to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman, details can be found at:

Customers may also contact the BVRLA Conciliation Service as an approved Alternative Dispute Resolution service. Details can be found at or by contacting

As a consumer, if a non-financial service-related dispute arises that cannot be resolved between us within a reasonable timescale, there is an alternative platform to pursuing through court with trading standards, details can be found at:

Trading standards will provide you with free impartial advice and Roy Wood Transits are fully committed to any correspondence with them.

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Roy Wood Transits Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN674729).