Power, payloads & towing

Power, payloads & towing

Not one size Tipper fits all !

Let us guide you through ULEZ compliant power outputs, legal payloads and various towing axel options.

Ford’s 130ps 2ltr Ecoblue produces 128hp or 96kw of power, in practical terms this is sufficient for a loaded 3500kg Transit 350 tipper with occasional towing requirements.

Ford’s rare 170ps 2ltr Ecoblue produces 168hp or 125kw which is essential for Tippers with regular towing requirements approaching the max 7000kg gross train mass (combined loaded Tipper & loaded trailer)

The Ford Transit 350 has a max gross vehicle weight of 3500kg, this represents the vehicle and the load. Depending on tipper body type, material and construction, the unladen weight (Tipper with no load) can often approach 2500kg. If the empty tipper unladen weight is subtracted from the 3500kg max gross weight, many tippers are left with just 1000kg payload and sometimes less. The danger all operators face is the attraction of a large tipper bed which can very easily be overloaded!

Any vehicles over 3500kg gross vehicle weight, require an operators licence involving planning permission to park the tipper, a maintenance service schedule, annual HGV MOT and tachograph. Consequently, most tipper owners will avoid the onerous compliance and look very carefully at optimising payloads.

It is possible to fit additional rear spring leaves, however this does NOT increase your legal payload.

Tippers bodies with extra high sided typically weigh more and consequently have far less than a 1000kg legal payload, we have decades of experience and can guide you through the minefield of options & risk.

Beware, NOT all transit Tippers have a 7000kg gross towing mass, some are just 5500kg dependent on engine output, FWD, RWD and axel ratio. Speak to the experts and let us guide you and explain your options.

Ford Transit 350 Tipper Tow Bar With Ball And Pin, 3500kg Certified - Roy Wood Transits

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