Don’t ignore the importance of van, truck & tipper payloads.

Did you know all vans aren’t equal, many will buy the cheapest “deal” on-line van because their tools or load “fit” the van.

The 2024 model 280S Transit Custom, Limited, Automatic, as an example only has a 891kg payload, however a plumber will want the long wheelbases 3mtrs load length and the max payload for the size of van for their fittings.

We would advise a plumber to consider the 320L Custom limited with a 1191kg payload, therefore avoiding the consequences and risk of voiding Insurance, through being overweight.

Most construction, landscaping and waste management business’s don’t want the administration and cost burden of an operators licence of a vehicle over 3500kg gross vehicle weight, this why manufacturers will design and build there vehicles to gross at the 3500kg threshold.

Bigger 3500kg Vans typically weigh 2300kg unladen and offer a 1200kg payload.

Tippers, trucks and specialist chassis cab variants are far more complex and typically a 2 stage build with chassis cab built first, then a body second.

A tipper unladen will weigh circa 2500kg, this leaves a payload of around 1000kg, however add cages, tow bars extra high sides or any other option and this additional weight reduces your 1000kg payload.

Option to reduce weight could include single rear wheel or even front wheel drive, however these option conflict with off road performance & towing.

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