How to charge

Charging electric vehicles is easier than people think, you just need to need to be prepared. Its the same as running a petrol vehicle, you always make sure you have enough fuel to make the trip or if you know that you are going to have to refuel, then plan this into your journey.

There are two main types of charging depending on your location.

Charging at Home & Work

Charging at home over night is the most convenient way of making sure you vehicle is ready for a days work. This can be done with either a standard 3 pin 3Kw charger or a specially design EV charger at either 7Kw or the very latest 11Kw.

There are grants available to help with the cost and even some manufactures offer a free charger and you only pay for installation.

Most energy suppliers also offer special overnight EV tariffs so you can make the most of the cheaper electric.

Charging Out & About

So, what happens if you need to top up during the day? There are over 12,000 public charging points across the UK with more being added all the time.

You can use your sat-nav to find your closest point or even add it as a stop during your journey, alternatively there are many phone apps to find your local charger and the app will also tell you if the charger is working and/or in use. You can create an account to pre pay and also get notifications when your vehicle is charged.

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