Hello 2024 – Year of the Electric Van !

Hello 2024 – Year of the Electric Van !

Did you know vehicle manufactures will be fined £9,000 per van in 2024 if they fail to meet their 10% electric van quota and £18,000 per van for their 2025, 16% quota!

The EV quota continues to increase year on year towards 70% by the year 2030, so regardless of your political scepticism about UK Government delaying the zero emissions vehicle mandate until 2035, change is still inevitable, but now with an increasing number of attractive incentives and offers we want to share with you towards your Electric vehicle transition.

Big technical battery changes and new manufacturers will be pivotal to 2024, mileage ranges will extend and prices will become increasingly competitive on both new and used, for example we have a number of ex demonstrator DFSK EC35 vans starting from just £12,495 + VAT in stock today.

As an independent forward thinking van Dealer, we have done the research for you, we know who has the best discounts on new and heavily discounted pre-registered electric vans, we understand payloads, chargers, finance options and range, let us help you in 2024 with our myth busting, no nonsense cost saving support to help you choosing the right vehicle tailored for you and your business.


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