Who are Innovative Automotive & DFSK?

Innovative Automotive are the sole importers for DFSK.

Founded in 2003, DFSK is now one of China’s “big three” automotive brands, the company is recognised for its high-quality manufacturing and Innovative designs with sale across 30 countries around the world with 3,000,000 users and 10,000 employee’s. The DSFK EC35 is one of the top selling vans in China.

What do I need to know about switching to Electric?

The obvious positives are the EC35 is environmentally great for our planet, lower fuel costs, exemption from London congestion charge and lower service costs, the more challenging question is: who can I trust to make the switch to Electric simple?

Roy Wood Transits have an outstanding 5 star reputation for customer service. Trust us to listen to you needs and expectations and use our decades of experience to question if the EC35 van and charging options are a positive investment for you and your business.

How can I test drive an EC35?

Roy Wood Transits have a demonstrator available for a 24hr test drive and as a courtesy van when your EC35 is with us for servicing.

Is the EC35 value for money?

Undoubtedly @ £18,495 + VAT including Government Plug in grant represents the best value new 100% electric van by a considerable margin, with such a small capital investment, reduced serviceable components and supported by a 5/8 year warranty and 3 years AA cover, the cost of ownership is minimal. At just £18,495 your capital investment is lower than most diesel equivalents, servicing costs are lower, Electric is cheaper than diesel, the DFSK warranty is typically 24 months longer and your AA cover is typically 24 months longer. Save £12.50 daily congestion charge and save £305 annual road fund tax.

What do I need to know about charging?

Roy Wood Transits have done this work for you, we will support you with a step by step plan to integrate the appropriate charging options for your home or business, the options for charging are as important as your electric van and should be thought about in parallel.

Should I be anxious about the 166mile range?

The 166mile range is the optimum, if 50mph speed limiter programmed range. This reduces to 100 miles if limited to 62mph, adverse cold conditions and air con will reduce range.

Does anyone notice or even care if I switch to an Electric Van?

The Government have already noticed, Your amazing £18,495 cost to buy includes their £5,000 plug in grant. More and more Banks are asking for your “green” credentials.

According to Deloitte 4 out of 5 UK consumers prefer to choose brands and companies with a positive approach towards environmental sustainability.

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