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2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 – Highly rated Customer service for 6 consecutive years. Roy Wood Transits beat circa 13,500 UK automotive retailers to receive the highly prestigious 2023 Retailer of the year by being the best of the best Van dealer and demonstrating the very best practices in retail and consistently delivering top quality customer experience across the entire consumer buying journey.

2015 Campervan of the year for Auto Campers Day Van, the judges loved the Innovative versatility of the modular design.

Winner2015 - Roy Wood Transits
Rising Roof Auto Campers Mrv 2018 - Roy Wood Transits

2018 Campervan of the year for Auto Campers MRV, an outstanding achievement to beat both Mercedes and Westfalia for this coveted award.

The combination of the MRV’s unique multi height engineered suspended bed system and removable seats appeal to any owner with dogs, mobility needs, or those with sports and hobby interests.

Mda Banners Layout 1 - Roy Wood Transits Motor Caravan Design Awards 2016 - Roy Wood Transits
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Certified for EV’s
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