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We recognise Allied vehicles as the industries leading wheelchair accessible vehicle converter and actively stock quality used Independence model based on the Ford Custom Tourneo and inc: air con, heated seats, screen & mirrors etc.

All independence models apart from the twin are the compact short wheel base, typically with a dual passenger cab seat and on occasion a single.

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The RS “OEM” model utilises the 3 x Ford Tourneo 2nd single fold flat, tilt forward, reversible and removeable single seats, the rear ramp is bi-fold and the wheelchair occupant travels in the 3rd row.

The RS “Mid-mount” has all Ford rear seats omitted, a new HD vinyl floor and the option of LH or RH 2nd row fixed single seats, the rear ramp is bi-fold, however, because the gap is now wider between 2nd row seats, the wheelchair occupant travels forward of the 3rd row and is positioned with other passengers.

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The RE Independence omits all Ford rear seats and and headroom for carers accessing the vehicle, and importantly shortens the rear ramp. 2nd row seating option are the same as the RS mid-mount providing LH or RH with wider gap for wheelchair position in front of 3rd row. All Allied Independence models come with a soft start wheelchair winch.

We have a strong working relationship with Allied vehicles and can support you with all you new and used Allied WAV conversions.

For more information about Allied Mobility visit

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